Experience Management Starts at the XM Institute

It doesn’t just start here, it is embodied here. This is where XM thrives.
We’re the trusted guide on your XM journey, and we’re happy you’re here.

Qualtrics XM Institute's mission is to create a thriving global community of Experience Management (XM) Professionals who are empowered and inspired to improve human experiences. We're a powerful unit that operates within Qualtrics to help you design, deliver, and mature your XM programs.

The XM Institute

We're a team of people who know any organization can be successful.

We’re not just visionaries, we’re catalysts.
We’re not just educators, we’re guides.
We’re not just passionate, we’re dedicated.

We believe in the pragmatic - purposeful - power of XM.

To advance careers.
To create a thriving global community.
To empower and radically improve our world.

The XM Institute

To us, Experience Matters.
And we’re not stopping.
We are shaping the future of XM.

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Bruce Temkin, Head of the XM Institute


My vision for the XM Institute was based on one core belief - experience matters! Our team of experts is here for your organization, and we're not stopping, we're shaping the future of XM."

Meet the XM Institute Team

The XM Institute is led by Bruce Temkin, a globally recognized XM visionary. Our team includes XM Catalysts who have helped many of the world’s leading brands transform their experience management capabilities.

Ashley Elder

XM Pros Community Leader

Bruce Temkin

XMP, CCXP, Head of the XM Institute

Cecelia Herbert

Ph.D., XMP, Principal XM Catalyst

Greg Chase

XMP, XM Catalyst

Isabelle Zdatny

XMP, CCXP, XM Catalyst

Julia Chang

Research Associate

Laura Wells

XM Pros Community Manager

Maggie Mead

Program Manager

Moira Dorsey

XMP, Principal XM Catalyst

Talia Quaadgras

Research Associate

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